# 85 - When I’m not board I’m confused (T.F.28)

March 19th, 2015

Show Notes:

we begin with a brief up date of the our Guadalajara trip coming up this weekend!
"What Pissed you off this week"

Leaky gasoline pumps, un-complete audio books in youtube.
I don't need this job attitude.
Healthy diets. 
Find your calling in life and use time management to make it a reality.
Yay, Ney Netflix
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# 84 - I had the biggest bowl (T.F.27)

March 12th, 2015

Show Notes:

We start off this episode with our weekend recap:
Dinner, movie, local soccer game, whiskey sours and awesome Vietnamese food.
"What pissed you this week"
Unfinished goals, dead batteries and Nasty Steve's snack choices
Drama queens
and finally we answer a couple of listeners questions
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Pho 43 <-- they don't have a webcite
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# 83 - Soccer Clowns (T.F.26)

March 5th, 2015

Show Notes:

"What pissed you off this week"
Spanish crutch.
Stalling tax return.
Snapping at your child in public.
The Triforce brain storms how to make international mega-viewed sports such as Cricket, Soccer, Table Tennis, Field Hockey much more palatable to the M'erican audience.
Yay, Ney Netflix...
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# 82 - True Throne Call Detective (D.G.H.9)

March 3rd, 2015

Show Notes:

In this episode of Podcastrophe's D.G.H. We lighly touch the following:
Down town Avondale, Tolleson and our current view of the state of video games.
Our main discussion for the night is an inside look at:
House of Cards
Game of Throwns
Better Call Saul
True Detective
We finish it up with:
where's tom and llamas in the news.
If you are ever in the mood for good pizza check out this place
Pizza Peoples Pub
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# 81 - 20 minutes of Selma Hayak - (T.F.25)

February 25th, 2015
Show Notes:

Drinks of the night.
"What pissed you off this week"
No self-control.
Too much gym.
Family drama.
We took the time and wrote a paragraph for this segment, its our first time but surely not our last!  -  Please let us know what your thought on this our! links below.
Yay, Ney, Netflix...  20min on Selma Hayak.
Bottom UP!
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# 80 - I believe in god…I guess? (T.F.24)

February 18th, 2015

Show Notes:

"What pissed you of this week?"
The state of Podcastrophe's social media.
Weekends aren't long enough.
IRS/Bureaucratic BS.
Fat Tuesday, Ash Wednesday, Santa Muerta.
We answer one of our listener's questions...
17 websites that make you smarter.
Yay, Ney, Netflix... 
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# 79 - The prodigal sapo returns! (T.F.23)

February 13th, 2015

Show Notes:

"What Pissed you of this week"
People who do not know how to converse over a phone
Repetitive work place training
Stinky protein shake cups
Weekend getaway breakdown 
Mojo & Gatos up coming Vacation!
Yay, Ney Netflix

Rocky Point Picks! 
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# 78 - Def-comjammidy! (T.F.22)

February 4th, 2015

Show Notes:

"What pissed you off this week"!?
Mojo's snapping at manimal
I internalize too much
Happy to get luggage finally returned
Superbowl recap, arm chair quarterbacks and things to do and see in or around phoenix.
Yay, Ney Netflix!
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# 77 - Do you like PoDCaSTs!?!? (T.F.21)

January 28th, 2015

Show Notes:

"What pissed you off this week!"
Snow-birds/Out of state drivers
People who gossip at work
What we did over the weekend, recording podcast, getting drunk, going to Ihop and much more!.

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Yay, Ney Netfilx!

and what to do in Phoenix this weekend!

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# 76 What is he doing in an elephant butt? (D.G.H.8)

January 24th, 2015

Show Notes:

The Idea was to record a D.G.H. type show.... But like the faith of a house of cards this episode ended up being an implosion, still funny as hell!
If you listen you can hear ROBO-SAPO,
Crocs, foot talk, gym douchebags, hobo migration pattern, Thailand, traveling stories and much much more!
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