# 45 - Big Trouble In Little China (D.G.H.4)

April 21st, 2014

We start this episode of D.G.H. with some TV Court room reality talk, followed by what would our tomb stone's have engraved when we kick the bucket.  A light touch of the evolution of cable tv to finish with the movie review of Big Trouble In Little China.

Thank you for listening, oh! and tell that cute girl you have a crush on about the (D.G.H.) that way you will have something in common!
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# 44 - Snuggle with it (F.F.5)

April 20th, 2014

Procrastination... that is the reason why this episode has just now been posted.

Hola Podcastrophers!, In these episode we start with some light nostalgic topics and move our way into second base with Guess How Fresh.and finally to third base  with  Sexy Spelling Bee. 
thank for listening people and keep up the good fight!
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# 43 - Flexing my poetic muscle (F.F.4)

April 9th, 2014

Hello Podcastrophers! in this episode of the Fearsome Foursome we begin with some light conversation of Mojos new home brew hobby, infomercials, goodwill supersales, and a brief touch of 80's video games.

This episode contains healthy portions of : Cunt'somer Service & Haiku-Nin-Jiu-Tsus
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# 42 - Akira (D.G.H.3)

April 7th, 2014

The Distinguished Gentlemens Hour discusses the anime movie Akira, how the movie influenced many movies that come before it, as well as what could have influenced the movie it's self.  In dept discussion with humor sprinkled on so pick up your pipes and a good scotch lean back and enjoy this episode of D.G.H.

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# 41 - Final Episode (F.F.3)

April 2nd, 2014

Well Podcastrophers thank you for the listening over the year.  But with regret in our hearts we present you with this final episode, 6.gif but don't be sad, we finish strong!

For this episode enjoy some talk about dating websites, a segment of Tommy's Pillow Talk & Yey, Ney Maybe....
Again thank you for the year of listening!
Bye bye!
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# 40 - Cape-Vija (D.G.H2)

March 25th, 2014

In these episode of The Distinguished Gentlemen's Hour (D.G.H.) we come up with some innovating products we believe will be a hit among the masses!  

Listen carefully.... not because its interesting but due to an ongoing technical issue our last two episodes are sounding like crap! We are aware of the matter and rest assured we have our top podcast engineers working round the clock to correct this...
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# 39 - T. Dove & Sharly!

March 19th, 2014
Castrophers! I cannot put into words how ashamed I feel for dropping the ball on this episode.... But we will keep moving forward!:
Brother T. Dove aka Tumble Weed & his wonderful girlfriend grace Podcastrophe HQ with their presence. 
We Figure 5 our beloved guests, reminisce of the old days, get caught up and much more.
Again excuse the quality.... 5.gif                https://twitter.com/Podcastrophe
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# 38 - Spring Break-Rocky Point Countdown (F.F.2)

March 5th, 2014

In this thrilling episode the Fearsome Foursome makes an effort to pregnatize your minds with thought babies. We talk about our first, but definitely not last, foray into Bar Team Trivia and Mojo and Gato relate their local hotdog shop experience. Shaman busts out his Hypotheticals for all to ponder, and El Gato Supreme asks, "Would You Rock It?", with an item that helps avoid Swamp Balls and one that helps "expose" your balls. Next week we have 2 new special guests, so stay tuned!

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# 37 - Fap App, Patent Pending (F.F.)

February 26th, 2014

This installment stars The Fearsome Foursome  (F.F.): In this dope ass episode we talk about some sick ass technology. We debut "Tom's Trivia", with the category of animals, and Mojo,"winning", the game. We also bring you "Yay, Nay, Maybe", where we vote on movies coming out next month, and we become future billionaires by inventing possibly the best app of all time. Until later Podcastrophites, stay super classy.

Email us at podcastrophe@gmail.com and search for us on Facebook, Twitter and podbean.com.

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# 36 - Cloudy with a Chance of my Balls (D.G.H.)

February 25th, 2014
Hello fellow Podcastrophers and thank you for joining us in our official launch of: 
The Distinguished Gentlemen's Hour  (D.G.H.) 
The D.G.H. consists of Mojo, Joejoe, Sapo and Manimal. We gather every other Saturday and discuss gentlemen type junk. It is difficult to write an accurate description of a D.G.H episode, reason being is that we go all over the place with our discussions.  So please pack your pipe with fresh tobacco, pour yourself a chilled glass of box wine and join the D.G.H. as we tackle some interesting subjects: The new Ninja Turtles movie, spoiled and entitled American princesses, and much more.
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